UNL Bike Policy & Regulations

Bicyclists and operators are required to use the storage racks located throughout the UNL campus. The use of a heavy-duty lock system is recommended to discourage theft. UNL regulations prohibit attachment to trees, posts, signs, stairwells, railings, or handicapped ramps. Any bicycles found secured to any object other than racks are subject to removal by Landscape Services. They will be held at the UNL Police Department for 30 days and, if unclaimed, will be sold at public auction.

Bicycle owners are encouraged to register their bicycles on campus. Permits are available at the UNL Police Department, 300 N 17th Street at no charge, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Proof of ownership is required when applying for a permit. In the event the bicycle is lost or stolen, the permit information provides valuable assistance in locating the rightful owner.

Bicyclists are encouraged to "walk" their bicycles when there is heavy pedestrian traffic on campus. Care should also be exercised in riding on streets in or near campus. Dirt-biking is prohibited on campus.