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State of Nebraska Bicycle Laws

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At a Glance

  • Motorists are required to give at least three feet when passing a bicycle
  • Bicyclists are required to follow the same rules of the road as motorists
  • Bicyclists are not allowed to ride on restricted highways (Interstates and Freeways)
  • Mandatory side path law. Bicyclists should not ride a bicycle on the highway if a usable bike path is adjacent.
  • Bicyclists must ride single file when riding on a highway.
  • Reflectors and lights required when riding at night. (Click for details)

Lincoln Bicycle Laws

Note: All State of Nebraska Laws also apply within the city of Lincoln.

View all Lincoln Bicycle laws here.
Bike Lincoln - City of Lincoln Site

At a Glance

  • Front and rear lights required one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise.
  • Lights must be visible at 500 ft.
  • Every bicycle operated on the street in Lincoln shall be equipped with a brake adequate to control the movement of and to stop the bicycle.
  • It is unlawful to ride on designated sidewalks
    • Havelock Avenue, 61st to 63rd
    • 48th Street, Baldwin to Madison
    • West side of 48th, Prescott to Cooper
    • Prescott, 47th to 48th
    • West side of 66th, Holdrege to Fairfax
  • For Right-of-way information, please read section 10.48.130

UNL Bicycle Policies

Note: All State of Nebraska and City of Lincoln Laws also apply within the UNL community.

View all UNL Bicycle policies here.

At a Glance

  • UNL is a "wheels down" campus. All wheels must remain on the ground.
  • Bicycles must remain on paths and paved surfaces.
  • Bicyclists must give a minimum of 3ft clearance when passing a pedestrian.
  • Bicyclists should walk their bikes when there is heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • Attachment of a bicycle to trees, posts, signs, stairwells, railings, or handicapped ramps is prohibitied.
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